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Last updated: September 28th, 2019


Node with React Native : Full Stack App Development

Pricing : $ 24.99 

Status : Final Review 

Have you tried to convert your idea to a mobile app before?

You want to build your app or apps for your client but you don’t know how to start?

Seriously ?

Why this course ?

The Node with React Native full stack app development course covers fundamentals of MongoDB, Express, React Native and Node. We will also dive into Redux, Mongoose and awesome React Native libraries.

The take away of this course is to turn you into a professional full stack app developer who is capable to develop, test, and deploy real-world mobile apps.

Remember that mobile apps are the future, so grab this opportunity to learn, code, and earn.

Make your dreams come true

In this course we will build a full stack mobile app using MongoDB, Express, React Native, and Node. We will also implement Redux for the state management. If you are new in coding or a beginner, don’t worry. We will start from the scratch with a blank text editor and end up with a full listing mobile app.

This course includes:

  • Introduction and overview of the course road-map.
  • Setup the environment for app development (EXPO).
  • Creating the back-end API with Express and Node.
  • Implementing the JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication.
  • Install coding and extensive API testing tools.
  • Developing the front end with React Native (Components, Containers, Navigation … etc.).
  • Implementing Redux for the state management (Actions and Reducers).
  • Testing the app in both iOS and Android simulators with EXPO.
  • Converting the EXPO version to React Native Command Line Interface (CLI) version.

Learn, code, and earn

Tremendous information about Node and React Native app development is available in the course. The course will be the entry to the real-world app development using fastest growing frameworks. I will supply you with useful resources and tools to help you in your learning process.

What if you get stuck ?

It took me more than six hours to identify and fix an error when I wrote my first code. I searched in google, stack over flow, and other sites but I couldn’t figure it out. However, when I started reviewing the code lines, I found a minor typo mistake causing an execution failure. So I fixed it, its awesome !

Don’t worry! I’m in the Q&A almost every day to help you and answer inquires as much as I can. But you can also try to search in google and stack over flow. Sometimes you will find the right answer, faster!

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